Just a little different

Well, WordPress is just a little bit different than Platform27 for posting.  I have several friends who have come over here from there and I thought I’d follow.

Today, it snowed for the second day in a row.  Not much, but enough to coat the truck windows enough so that the brush had to be used.  I guess that pretty soon we will be getting some more.  I hope it holds off until I get back from Texas.  My granddaughter and I are hading that way on Thursday.  It’s just over 1000 miles (1027 to be exact) and we hope to make it in just two days – with a stop in Memphis, TN.  I’ve driven it before and that is usually where we stop.

Good thing that gas prices have dropped.  My truck has pretty short legs and only gets about 22 or 24 mpg.  This isn’t bad considering that it’s a 1998 Nissan 4WD Frontier with only 73000 miles on it.  Driven at a steady 65 mph I get my best mileage, but if we hit any bad weather, the mileage will probably drop.  I always have the option of 4WD if needed, but I don’t see anything coming out of the West at us right now all the way to the left coast.

More later.


One thought on “Just a little different

  1. Ah, there you are at last, well done….
    Fingers crossed for you on the road trip, I hope the weather stays reasonable until you get there and back home, nothing worse than driving in bad weather!
    I’ve added you to my links list too!

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