Off to Texas

Tomorrow morning we will head for Texas.  It’s been a bit cold (around 32-38) today, but the wind chill makes it seem much colder.  No snow, thank goodness, but we may see a bit further South and West.  We hope to make Memphis tomorrow night, so we have to get up early and out the door no later than 0800.  This will put us just after the rush hour here in Dayton and long after the rush hour down in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati is a huge bottleneck most any time of the year.  They have a beltway completely around it, but it runs so far out into the country that you travel into Indiana at one point, and Kentucky at another.  The fastest way to traverse Cincinnati is to just forge straight ahead and go through the center of town.

An interesting tidbit:  The Greater Cincinnati Airport is actually in Kentucky.  South of the Ohio River.

It’s now almost midnight so better wait and add more tomorrow night.