We are now in West Memphis, Arkansas

Completed 467 miles today; and dropped back one time zone.  We are now in Memphis.  Well, West Memphis actually. Both of us are pretty tired.  I drove all the way as traffic was really bad in spots.  Surprisingly enough, Cincinnati was not the bottleneck I thought is would be.  Zipped right through it and onto I71 from I75.

We transitioned from I71 to I64 and then to I40 – where we are now.  The hard part came at the end of the day when I was driving right directly into the setting winter sun.  It was cold out, no snow or anything; in fact, no clouds at all to block the sun.  Had a real hard time reading signs as they came up on me and missed an exit in Nashville that I should have taken.  Had to get off the interstate, reverse course, and catch the proper route.  Only lost about five minutes thankfully.

Traffic into and out of Memphis was really terrible.  The speed limit is 55 miles per hour, but everyone zips past you like you’re dragging an anchor or something.  They come right up on your rear bumper and then whip over into the next lane, blast past you, and whip back right in front of you.  Very inconsiderate.

Once we got our motel room (fine room, by the way) we went to get some food and now are relaxing in the room before we hit the sack.  We should get to Waxahachie tomorrow about 1700 or so.