We got here.

We arrived at about 1730 in Waxahachie.  The absolute worst traffic I ever saw was going around Dallas to the south.  When I think of all the money they spent on speed limit signs that could be spent elsewhere it is just staggering.  I’m trying to maintain my speed at 60, which is on every speed limit sign I saw,  and I have bozos whipping past me on both sides at over 80.  You’d think it was the Indy 500.  Not a care in the world that they are trying to crush themselves into the same lane, from two different sides; or, dashing across three lanes of traffic to make an exit that has been advertised for the last four miles as coming up.

Nice seeing the family though.  Also nice to just relax.


3 thoughts on “We got here.

  1. Hello there, welcome to WordPress, you look to have the place all sorted out.
    We have lots of snow today! Ok, so it’s only a thin dusting but it scares the woozies out of me!
    Take care on the roads and watchout for fearless (read-stupid!) drivers..:o)
    Family time is Happy time!

  2. Real glad you got there safely Bill, hope the weather holds for you until you get back to Ohio or you could end up having christmas in Texas…..lol
    Keep in touch mate !

  3. Daffy:

    Hi there yourself. Nice to see a familiar ‘face’ even if it is pink lol. The hard part was around Dallas. The drivers are fearless; brainless, but nevertheless fearless.


    Roger that, Pete. Very nice today. Sunny but cold.


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