Wellllll shoot. Now what?

On the trip down here we kept hearing ‘rumbles’ whenever certain speeds in certain gears where reached.  Now, after taking it to Midas, I find out that the whole exhaust system from the header down to the tailpipe tip has ‘wormholes’ in it.  The catalytic converter has warm air coming from a seam, and a weld has pulled out of a corner of the muffler.

Topping it all off is that the shop down here in Dallas says they can’t find the parts to repair it and can ‘cobble it together’ for a mere $850.  Not satisfied with this solution, I called my normal Midas shop up in Ohio and asked them – they looked and have all parts available for the job – at about $150 less.

I knew it was going to be expensive, but the first quote was a bit steep – especially since they can only guarantee it for 90 days since it is a ‘cobbled’ job.  The other shop guarantees their work for a year.  Such a difference between supposedly the same company.  Maybe the one down here is not a ‘company’ shop but a franchise.

I walked under the truck while it was on the lift and noted that none of the actual problems are life-threatening (like carbon monoxide in the cab, etc) so I will just wait until I get back to Ohio to get it fixed.  It does sound like a tank at times when I am decelerating.  I don’t like driving any of my vehicles when they are not at 100%, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

Things are quiet today. I’m just sitting here surfing and goofing off.  Nothing else to do.


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