And, a corollary to my last post

Inside every silver cloud is a nasty lining.  The VMWare did, in fact, work well.  After I had tested a few things I decided to remove it from my laptop and save the virtual hard drive for use on my desktop after I get home.  This was a good decision, but it’s execution was horrible.  The VMWare uninstall stalled about halfway through and locked up the computer.  Vista was a slightly better error recovery but even it couldn’t kick start the uninstall procedure.  Calling up Program manager and trying to kill the process didn’t work. After messing about for almost half an hour, I decided to try killing explorer.exe.  This did work, sort of.  I regained control of the computer, but now had several uninstall windows on the desktop that wouldn’t go away.  Apparently, they were still in the video RAM, but not connected to Windows at all so I couldn’t do a thing to them.

I looked into the Event Viewer and saw quite a few errors where a VMWare driver or two failed to exit properly.  Most notably were the DHCP and NAT drivers.  I had to go to the Services applet and stop them both, then mark them as ‘disabled’.  Finally my computer would reboot.  When it came back up, I once again tried to uninstall VMWare.  This time it wasn’t listed as an installed program. I checked on the hard drive and everything was still there so I just grabbed it all and deleted it.  Then I went into the Registry and deleted all mention of VMWare.  A tedious task at best.  A final reboot and all was good again.

A word to the wise: if you want to put VMWare on a Vista machine, do NOT start it up using a wireless adapter – do it with a wired connection.  The VMWare network drivers interfere heavily with your wireless connection.  So bad that ONLY the virtual machine has Internet connectivity.  Your local host machine loses its connection to the Internet. And, if you use wireless, you stand a good chance of blowing up like mine did if you try and uninstall while your wireless network is in operation as the VMWare drivers will NOT back out gracefully.

I am sure that there are posts in their help forums concerning this, but as a simple casual user of VMWare I had no intention of searching through posts looking for answers to my current problem. Anyway, VMWare is gone from the machine.

Today is Thanksgiving and the daily newspaper arrives at over four pounds – not cost, but weight, with all the advertisements for stores that open at very early morning hours to trap consumers with tens of dollars to spend.  “Black Friday”, as it is known, is predicted to ‘not be as good as previous years’.  Gosh, I wonder why? Could it be that we have taken a horrible financial beating the entire year?  Could it be that everyone is simply waiting to see what President-elect Obama is going to do his first 90 days in office?  Could it be that everyone who has any money at all is saving it to spend on really important things – like food, heating, and household expenses?

State governments are missing a really good opportunity to garner some extra cash by raising the gasoline taxes slightly as prices drop the same amount.  We’d never miss it, or, perhaps, even see it; but they would grab some extra cash.  One never knows.


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