Ooh. Do it again…

Well, I didn’t win the Lottery – but – nobody else did either.  Now it is up to an estimated $170 million.  I might even spring for two chances on this one.  It will cost me $2, but somebody should win this time.  It rarely gets up this high.

Looks like we might extend our stay here until Saturday morning for departure.  Bad weather is lurking along the way and traveling through larger cities is much easier on the weekend than the workweek.  The interstates do a fairly good job of skirting the cities, but workaday traffic is usually higher even on the “ring roads” than on weekends.

We have to go through Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, Louisville, and my old friend Cincinnati.  Of all of them Cincinnati is probably the absolute worst place to “just travel through”.  Such a thing is simply not possible.  One does not travel through Cincinnati, one bobs and weaves like a punchy boxer after too many shots to the head.  There are always instances of the unofficial State Flower of Ohio (the orange construction cones) when running through the town.

Our first days goal is to reach East Memphis so we don’t have any traffic out of Memphis when we leave in the morning.  The rest, except for Cincinnati, is easy.


3 thoughts on “Ooh. Do it again…

  1. Better luck next time Bill, as you say, somebody has to win it….
    And good luck on the journey home, I hope the weather is good and the traffic light for you both…

  2. Thanks. It appears that the weather will hold until I get home. Sunny skies are to the West – even though it is pretty cold down here today.

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