Murray Christmoose

We are going to start making Christmas Mooses (or is it Meece?) this year.  You start with a candy cane, some pipe cleaners and a box of plastic “wiggly eyes” (the kind that move around when you shake them).

Take the candy cane and wrap the pipe cleaners around the hook part and form into antlers then glue two wiggly eyes right down on the “nose” of the hook.  They hang nicely on any limb of the tree and taste good if you sneak one while nobody is looking (oops – busted).

Our tree again this year will be a very pretty fibre-optic tree that has a rotating color wheel in the stand that reflects out through all the branches like a kaleidoscope.   When the room lights are out, you can stare at it for a long time and never get tired of the changing patters.

We had a short Christmas session just before we left Texas so they could share the presents with us before departing.  Every year we get a “Schütz Familienkalender” from my Daughter and Son-in-law which is filled with photos of my grandkids and everyone else from the European side of the family.  I really look forward to them.

Which reminds me – time to get another package of ‘stuff’ off to Pete soonest.  He blew through all those powdered biscuit/fudge mixes so fast that is would only be fitting to send more.  Talk about being an Enabler.


5 thoughts on “Murray Christmoose

  1. LOL, damn, I been found out…. anything chocolate or cheese and garlic Bill, certainly not the mexican cornbread, whatever was in it cleaned out my digestive tract in less than an hour…. I gotta find you something but it won’t be this side of xmas… still deciding what to send you both….
    Until then… keep guessing……

  2. Well, I would, but we haven’t started on them yet. Got busy doing other things. Will hae a picture as soon as we get them done.

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