Battles with my PDA

Many years ago I bought a Palm M505 PDA.  It was a top of the line PDA back then, and I still use it quite a bit here around the house – mainly for storing names and addresses.

A couple of days ago I tried to fire it up and nothing happened.  No screen, no nothing.  So I put it back in the cradle and it immediately lit up, but with the cold start-up routines like setting date/time and the like.  Oh Oh, I thought, this could be trouble.

I was right!  All along I had assumed that the memory in the PDA was actually flash-style memory.  No way.  It is volatile and will lose whatever you have stored in it.  Nuts.  The last time I synced with my desktop was months ago so I left it stuck in the cradle and re-synced it.  All the names and other items came back but the first time I pulled it out of the cradle it died again.  I also noticed that several names weren’t present and some of the addresses were wrong too.  This comes under the heading of “not good”.

Good old Google rides to the rescue again:  I located several places that sell the Lithium-Gel batteries that fit in the PDA.  Prices ranged from $9 (too cheap) to over $25 (too expensive).  I settled on one for $20 (free shipping) and sent away for it.  Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive.

I did manage to find the little flash card that you can use to back up the PDA memory so I did a fresh backup of what was in the PDA at the time (old data, but what the heck).

Finding the little, tiny, Torx-keyed screwdriver to open the back of the PDA was very difficult.  I ended up buying a very nice plastic box with 33 pieces of screwdriver tips and a ratcheting-head driver.  It even had a flexible extension for screwing around corners (don’t go there).

We have SNOW!  All day yesterday it snowed on and off which finally ended up leaving about 4 inches of fluffy snow everywhere.  It was so dry that all I had to do to clean off the truck was to whish a broom over it and the snow just fell away.  Right now, at 1000, the sun is out and reflecting brightly off the front yard into my computer room window.  I have to close the shades just to see the LCD screen well enough to type.  Later today, I just might get out and ‘squeech’ my way down to the shopping area for exercise.  You DO know what ‘squeech’ is don’t you?  It’s the sound you feet make on very dry snow.

Maybe I’ll have some nice pictures if I do go out.