My PDA lives!

The mail today held a nice new lithium-gel battery for my PDA.  It came all the way from Hong Kong (probably stuck in a bottle and left to drift over).  There were stamps all over it.  I’ve been tracking it ever since it cleared customs in San Francisco on the 16th of January.  It’s tortuous trip from there to my house goes thus:

San Francisco to – of all places – Jamaica, NY. 3 days (cross country)

Jamaica, NY to Cincinnati, OH, 3 days (around 400 Mi)

Cincinnati, OH to my house, 3 days (65Miles)

To the best of my research, the Pony Express used to get a letter from coast to coast in 10 days.  We’re really paying a lot for such great service now. It seems as if the answer to any question put to the US Postal Service is “three days”.

Anyway, I replaced the battery and the PDA is humming along fine now after an overnight charge. I managed to find the little memory chip where I had backed up the PDA a year ago.  Some data out of date, but most was intact.

The three of us decided to go out for dinner the other night and ended up at our favorite Chinese place.  They have very good food and are usually completely empty.  This time was no different.  No other customers in the place.  I don’t know how they stay in business but they do.  It used to be owned by a nice Korean couple, but now another family has apparently bought it (or bought INTO it) and replaced the cook.  Formerly, their menu consisted of a lot of good Chinese dishes interspersed with Korean fare but now it is mostly Chinese.

My grandaughter dared me to eat some of my wife’s broccoli as I hate the stuff ever since being force-fed it when I was a kid.  Danged green weed really is nauseating.  Over the years I have mellowed towards it, but still put up a front that I hate it.  I know it is good for me, but still avoid it if I can.  This dare was an affront to me so I choked down a couple of pieces.  I thought that they didn’t taste too bad so I ate a total of 6 sprigs of weed.

My granddaughter was astonished – as well as my wife.  I told my granddaughter she could tell her mother that she had actually seen me eat 6 sprigs of broccoli and would have eaten more but I got a hand free and slapped the funnel away from my mouth.  We all got a good laugh over that.

I was out poking around in the flower bed and darned if I can’t see some little sprigs of growth poking out of the soil over the bulbs I planted two years ago.  Can spring be that close?  Ohio has a nasty habit of easing us into spring and then slamming the door with a really bad snowstorm.  Maybe we will dodge the bullet this year.  That would be a welcome change.

I want to get some good pictures of the bird feeder denziens this spring.  Some of them are just the normal warblers and whatnot, but once in a while you can catch a Cardinal feeding.  They won’t hang on the edge of the feeder but instead just hop along the ground picking up stray seeds – usually sunflower.  I bought a special bag of sunflower seeds just so I could lure them in close.  I’ll post some pictures if I get some good ones.

5 thoughts on “My PDA lives!

  1. That sounds just like our postal service!
    Despite the cold, wet weather we’ve had here recently it’s surprising at the signs of growth that can be seen.
    I hope that you get to see some good birds and get some photos that we can all see. Cheers!

  2. It’s amazing what foods are not so bad when we get older. I used to hate peas but now, I can’t get enough. I especially like the little dinky peas that have a lovely sweetness about them. My son used to call brocolli, ‘trees’.
    My dad grows all his plants in pots as he has no garden and just about everything is sprouting! They must be hardy to survive the frosty cold days we have had lately!

  3. I know what you mean. Until I spent a total of about 13 years in (and around) the Far East (places like Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, etc.) I thought that I wouldn’t eat anything out of line. Now I love all kinds of food – from strange to bizarre. Charcoal grilled monkey on a stick, poached sea anemones, and the like.

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