The snow has gone

We had a big Chinook three days ago and almost every bit of ground snow melted within a four or five hour period.  Chinooks are warm, dry winds that spring up usually from the Southwest to South and warm things up.  I am now stuck with a marsh instead of grass.  The snow melted much too fast and is now standing water in low areas.  With the sun out, things might improve later this week.

I’ve had my camera sitting on the windowsill all weekend but nothing to aim it at.  The spring birds haven’t arrived yet (although I did spot a robin yesterday) so it’s just the hardy “big, black, birds” that appear on the feeder.

Even the squirrels have been very shy so far this year.  One or two of them make an appearance, but then rush off when a car passes by, or a gust of wind rattles the branches overhead.  Very nervous creatures for some reason.  I’ll have to get some of the little corn cobs for them to gnaw on.

The wife is back from Colorado having spent two weeks out there visiting my youngest daughter.  My daughter’s life has been made progressively crappier by the efforts of her “X” boyfriend – who also fathered two kids.  He has been bringing papers to the court accusing her of everything from putting Bar-B-Q sauce on the kids and roasting them to making the paint fall off his car.  The only redeeming feature he has is that he now claims that he has been “fixed”.  This make me very happy because he is now out of the gene pool – probably the kiddie end.  I often entertain humorous ways of bumping him off.  It’s a healthy release because I’d never actually do any of them.

The ever-continuing saga of my truck marches onward.  I am now searching for what is called a ‘carrier bearing’.  This is a small, U-shaped bearing with a rubber insert that surrounds the forward end drive shaft immediately after the front U-joint.  The Nissan dealership claims they can’t find any reference to that part – even though they have had the truck up on the lift and actually took a picture of it.  Said picture was sent to Nissan in the hopes they can identify the bearing in question.  They’ll probably claim that elves put it on there after it left the factory.  If it isn’t fixed, then the shaft will start to vibrate at high speeds and chew up the rest of the bearing.  Once that happens, the U-joint can separate and drop the drive shaft on the ground – digging immediately into the pavement and forcing the bed of the truck into the air.  I’ve actually seen this happen.

We are slowly building up another package to send to our good friend Chippy over in the UK.  He seems a bit down in the doldrums (that’s South of Jamaica near St. Kitts) after he bashed his knee.  Anything we can do to help with cooking meals can help.  He loves the garlic and cheese biscuits (well, WE call them biscuits).  Hmmm.  Just what IS an American ‘biscuit’ called in the UK? A bun?

Here’s a good sight gag for you:



4 thoughts on “The snow has gone

  1. look at you being all sweet to the Chip-ster! he could use a good cheering up and you and the wife do a good job of that i’d say! The snow here is definitly not gone but man has a huge amount of it melted leaving pools everywhere, including the roads. Very hard to drive on that’s for sure. Sorry to hear about your truck, hopefully you find the part that you need!

  2. Well, as you might imagine, the part comes bundled with a truck over it – almost. I have to buy the entire drive shaft with the U-joints on each end as well as the carrier bearing. So, I end up having to spend almost $500 for a $50 part. I’m searching out wrecking yards now to see if I can find one there.

  3. Not having a lot of luck truck-wise are you, I’m glad I no longer run a vehicle, way too expensive…..
    And you don’t have to keep sending the mixes, but they are appreciated, in particular the chocolate one’s along with the cheese & garlic 😉 ….. Here in the UK if its hard and crunchy its a biscuit, if its soft its a cake! 😆

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