tobie_coolTobie is gone.  He departed yesterday at 1827 hours in a small room.  He was attended by the vet, myself, and an assistant.  It was a tearful goodbye and one that I was dreading, but knew I would have to attend.

He managed a short period of purring, something he rarely did, which the vet tells me is a sort of feline going away present.  Like the three friends of his before, I see it as him telling me it’s ok to let go.  His cancer had claimed his body, but his spirit is now free to roam fields of slow mice and flightless birds – which he has only seen from the front window.  He has his good friends that went before him to act as a guide and help him adjust to a new life.

He will be missed immensely by all who knew him.  He was laid to rest this morning in a handmade coffin while rain steadily drizzled down.  Tomorrow, I will put up a marker which will take it’s place with the other three markers under our Blue Spruce in the back yard.