New frontiers in pain

This morning, while cruising the aisles of the base commissary, my front tooth decided to shatter.  It had a couple of cracks in it but the dentist thought it would hold together for a while.  That was three weeks ago, this is now.

For an incoming breath, if the air comes from a heated room, I don’t have any real discomfort, BUT if I’m outside where the temperature is around 40 and take a breath ripples of pain course through my head.  I try cupping my hand over my face, but it looks ridiculous (and makes it hard for anyone to understand me).

The chipped tooth is my right, upper, ‘buck’ tooth.  When I smile, I look like somebody parked a jagged iceberg on my lip.  Naturally, the dentist’s office isn’t open from Friday through Sunday so I have to wait until Monday to even get an appointment.  I did leave a message and have hope somebody will call back and find a small slot soon to trim off the sharp edges.  If that is done, then at least my tongue won’t get slashed to ribbons.

I am definitely ready for winter to end.  All my Daffodil bulbs have sprouted and, after I raked away the dead grass, loam, and leaves from the flower beds, all sorts of green thingies are popping up.  Rain helps, and we’ve had a bit of that too lately.  Walking across my lawn feels like a stroll over Alaskan Tundra or Muskeg.  Every step you feel that your foot will break through and the mud will suck a shoe off or something.

Once we start getting simple rain, I will be able to wash all the accumulated salt off our vehicles.  I have to do that every spring or nothing would be left except a small pile of rust-colored powder between four wheels.  Are they making road salt more potent lately?  Seems so.

The library here has just received a new copy of my favorite Woody Allen movie:  “What’s Up Tiger Lily?”.  This is a completely hilarious movie that Allen created from an absolutely horrible Japanese spy movie he acquired the right to.  He totally pulled it apart and re-edited it with dubbed English dialog making the protagonists appear to be vying for the top secret recipe for an egg salad sandwich.  Most of the dialog appears a-la Michael Winslow (from Police Academy – sound effects) where the mouth moves before the dialog starts and continues after the dialog ends.  The total effect gets me laughing every time I see it.  If you can find a copy, watch it.  Very funny.

I rarely watched The Simpsons except for the times that an NFL football game (on Fox) ran overly long and The Simpsons started immediately thereafter.  Sometimes the comedy can be a little lacking, but otherwise the dialog (if you listen closely) is very funny.  The movie the Simpsons made is a real work of art.  Given the full-length movie format, which gives more time for plot development, their brand of comedy really shines.  A lot of the gags are strictly sight gags.  One in particular really deserves the laughs it gets:  Homer is trying to run a wrecking ball over a vehicle full of bad guys and manages to have it boomerang back into himself.  The ball then crashes back and forth between a bar called “The Hard Place” and a small, rocky cliff.  Get it?  Between a rock and a hard place.  Well, nobody accused me of being very deep.

I see it is now time for me to go.  The nice, bulky, guys in the white coats are helping me into my long-sleeved shirt now.  Soon, they’ll wheel me back into my soft-walled room.


2 thoughts on “New frontiers in pain

  1. Wow, what a great read.
    How’s the tooth?
    We are fans of the Simpsons here, I usually watch whilst pottering. There are many funny bits that woosh straight over the head of my duaghter! Clever minds that put it together.
    Oh I am so ready for Spring too!

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