Looks Springy to me

I limbered up the camera and staked out my front yard today for some shots of the early spring flora/fauna population which has been arriving in increasing numbers lately.  I just missed a great shot of a Yellow Warbler nipping thistle seeds from my dispenser.  Shame, that, because she was really pretty.  Not a bright yellow as a male, but colorful nonetheless.  Here are some shots of the others:

First, a female woodpecker


Brown Chickadee??


Doves are plentiful hereabouts – with their soothing woo WOO Hoo


And my first Robin of spring (there have been others before, but not photographed).


And then we have Mr. (or Mrs.) Squirrel.  This one managed to hold still for me while I crept closer.  Looks like a yearling though, just born last fall.


And two shots of my Jonquils, just beginning to poke out flower buds.



Spring is really necessary for me this year.  I have had a lot of adversity all winter long and I want to be free of it now.  Being housebound during the very cold winter we just had really increased the tummy pot and seat spread.  Now it’s time to start walking those extra pounds off I think.  The little strip mall is about a mile away and I walk there regularly every other day or so.  I might even get out my bike and head for the bike path from here to Xenia – a distance of about 8 miles.  Good, hard, workout.