More birds and squirrels

Some silly photos of squirrels that attacked my bungee corn cob; and three shots of my little warbler feeding on thistle (click on the picture to make it bigger – thanks Daffy):



4 thoughts on “More birds and squirrels

  1. These are just brilliant! I love squirrels. :o) Can I just say, if you don’t mind, but if you click on these photos you get a better look at them. Especially seeing the squirrel hanging on to the bird feeder! Great pics DeYank!

  2. The squirrels don’t appear to be messing with the actual bird feeder. They like the bungee-cord corn cob instead. They will jump on it from the ground and bounce up and down. Maybe I can catch them and make a short movie. They really are funny.

    I like the warbler also. So far, the male hasn’t come around yet. He’s brilliant yellow with coal-black wings. The cardinals should be hitting here soon too. Those are a real treat with their bright red feathers.

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