Now there is only one

Poor Mystic.  He really misses Tobie.  Every day you can hear him yowing around the house looking for his buddy.  Mystic is my only remaining cat now.  He’s over 21 years old and is pretty deaf.  He uses a loud “Yow!” as a sort of echo-locator I think.  If it weren’t for the fact that this noise shoots right through my hearing aids and into my brain I could tolerate it. The only way to quiet him down is for us to pick him up and sit a while with him in our laps.  He’ll quiet down and go to sleep.

If you ignore him he’ll begin chanting his Yow every three or four seconds.  If you walk up to him from behind and touch his tail he’ll jump like a startled frog, whirl around, and glare at you for surprising him.  Even when I’m wearing my TV headphones I can hear him he’s that loud.

He’s not showing any signs of old age though.  Maybe a touch of arthritis, but only if you watch closely as he ambles across the floor.  Heck, I walk that way too and I only have two legs.

We’re going to have to put some small intermediate steps up to his favorite snoozing chair though as he can’t quite jump all the way up like he used to.  Now, it’s jump 1 and jump 2 to get up there; or, an assist from one of us.


Mystic, 2009

4 thoughts on “Now there is only one

  1. It’s sad when they miss their companion like that!
    He’s a good age and no doubt appreciates all the help that you can give him!

  2. Good idea on the steps, Nimi got the same when she wanted to sleep beside me on the bed, problem solved with a couple of boxes to make steps for her, she fussed me for ages to say thanks for that one!!

  3. give him an extra cuddle for me would you please?
    He looks cute… for a cat.. I’m not a cat lover…
    :o) but I wouldn’t hurt them.
    I like the reflection from his shiney eyes!

  4. Flighty:
    I know how much I would miss my other half so I can’t be any less for him.

    He uses the extra steps too. One of them has a hidey-hole inside it. He likes to snooze there.

    Done. Extra cuddle installed. He does have the deepest, green eyes I’ve seen in a cat.

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