Hot, hot hot

Right now, it is just over 93 degrees and past 1700.  The air is completely still, and the lawn must be mowed or large jungle animals will begin creeping into it.  Especially the Dandy Lions, and Tiger Lillies.  Luckily, I have a riding mower, but it is still a very hot job.  I’m not looking forward to it at all.

Later:  Yup, I was right.  I’m completely pooped out and ready for a nice cold drink of water.  Between the water I took in and the water that oozed from every pore I’m not sure which won.  If my neighbors were just a little farther away I’d mow at night.  My mower has headlights.  Now, one really has to wonder just WHY a mower would have headlights?  Certainly there aren’t legions of mower-people out there that would actually MOW at night are there?

No pictures to add for today though.  I’ve been trying for days to grab a photo of my little chipmunk that lives under my front porch.  He will dart out, grab a mouthful of corn/seeds/clover and dart back.  I think he might be afraid of the large ravens or crows that circle overhead.  One day I’ll get a good one of him and his overstuffed mouth.

My household is doing it’s darnedest to help keep our local public library open.  The Ohio governor has decreed that his shortfall of $384 million will come out of the social and public services budget.  This is really insane.  Our county has so few social services now that any they offer are laughable.  Our library has resorted to having occasional book sales to raise operating capital and the state wants to cut their budget further?  What a crock.

Most of the day yesterday I played with a new, free, program that I got from Scruffy Duck Software (that resides somewhere over in the UK).  It is called Airport Design Editor and works with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X.  It is really easy to work with and I’ve been having fun creating airports out of thin air and flying in/out of them.  I made a chain of airports all down the Baja California peninsula and then made a flight plan that takes in all of them.  For anyone with a passing interest in doing this yourself, snag a copy of ADE.

Time for my cold one.  Ta.


Some more yard shots

Seems like all I have been posting lately is yard shots.  I have a lot of fun shooting from my computer room window.  Every one of these was shot from around 40 feet away.  The bunny was shot in my back yard which is about 75 feet away.  He is sitting in a patch of clover that I don’t mow so they come out in the afternoon and munch it.