Rainy day ramblings

Today was full of surprises.  At about 0430 I got up for a moment and headed to the bathroom.  What captured my attention right away was the weird flashing lights on all the windows.  When I returned to the bedroom, I looked out and the entire sky was alight from end to end with huge blasts of lightning.  It was a completely silent display though – no thunder at all.  It looked like the Northern Lights.

At first I wondered if I should stick my hearing aids in to see if there was some thunder, but decided not to.  Instead, I went to my computer room and brought up the NOAA weather map (http://radar.weather.gov/Conus/index_lite.php).  Sure enough, there was a huge pod of storms centered overhead.

About that time, thunder began registering from the West – a normal direction for most storms.  Lightning began flashing even faster and, since thunder was accompanying it at around two or three second intervals (about 3 miles away) I decided to shut down my electronics.  Good thing too as about ten minutes later we had a power dip that lasted about three seconds.  I could hear my electronics and UPS boxes beeping.

When I got back to bed a half-hour later I kept getting jolted awake by thunder as I dozed off.  Very noisy indeed.  Finally gave up at about 0730 and went for my mile walk in brief sunshine.

Now, all day long it has been storming on and off.  First a burst of sun and next heavy, rain-laden clouds.  Not very much actual rain though.  My gauge shows only about 0.85 inches as of 1700 today.  The wind was very high at times and blew a squirrels nest right out of a tree and onto the top of my truck.  No damage, but I bet it was a wild ride for the squirrels inside it.

The weather has somewhat backed off now but the wind continues.  According to the weatherpersons it will continue like this for the next two days.  I don’t think so though.

Saturday was me and my wife’s 46th wedding anniversary.  We went to the Red Lobster and had a great dinner.  You have to be careful about telling anyone at those resturaunts though about special days because most of them make a big fuss over it.  I prefer not to be the object of everyone’s attention.  For example: when we went to a local Texas steak house for my birthday one of my friends told the greeter it was my birthday and, when I wasn’t looking, they wheeled over a huge spindly fake horse with a saddle and tried to get me to sit on it.  That wouldn’t have been too bad, but they also wanted me to slap on a goofy 10-gallon hat made of floppy felt that had a brim about 3-feet round.  I felt like an idiot.

My granddaughter is doing right well with her driving lessons.  She can now zoom along an interstate highway without trepidation.  She still merges cautiously, which is a plus, but needs to be just a bit more agressive.  She also received confirmation this afternoon that she has landed a great job working with kids part time.  This is not to interfere with her college classes though.  It will give her some spending money for sure and give her lots of practical experience for her chosen professional aims – lower grades teaching.

Time to get ready for dinner now.