Addition to our little family

My granddaughter, Briana, now has a little 18-month old kitty to keep her company.  She has named her ‘Cami’ because, as you can see, she blends in rather well with the rug.

We think Cami will love living with us.  Our elder cat, Mystic, who is 21 years old, took things calmly but Cami did a little hissing and growling.  That was two days ago – they are now sleeping on our waterbed, although at opposite ends.  They seen to be getting along better now.


Definite signs of Fall

Here are a series of pictures that you might enjoy.  All were shot at, or near, my house.  The little red PT Cruiser is the wife’s.

Daffy, I put in a shot of an albino squirrel just for you.  Of course, there are the obligatory finch shots too.  Note that they are beginning to show their winter feathers – just a little darker than usual.

The airplane was at around 15,000 feet and on course to the West.  It was nothing but a dot with a small contrail but the camera managed to get some pretty good detail.



Transition into fall is underway

I haven’t posted here very much lately and for that I’m sorry.  I am just getting over a horrible cold that threatened to explode my head.  One of those really good colds that fills all 97 sinus cavities and keeps them full no matter what you do.  Because of this, post-nasal drip caused a racking cough approximately every 30 seconds.  Who can function under those conditions?

On good days – of which we have now after severe rain for a week – I can walk outside a bit and view all the trees changing around me.  There are lots of maple and walnut trees and in about a week or so they will reach their best.  I plan on taking my camera around the neighborhood and posting some of the better ones.

Of course, after that, the trees tend to let go and drop every one of those darn leaves on my yard.  It seems like even trees several yards up from me take much glee in flinging them into my yard instead of straight down.  I’m ready this year though – I have a mulcher attachment on my riding mower.  That’ll fix ’em.

My brother has started a blog over on Blogspot ( ) and, if you’re interested, trot over there and check it out.  He like Haiku (as do I) and tries to put one up fairly often.  It’s a form of poetry that he describes on his blog.  Haiku is great fun – give it a try.