Transition into fall is underway

I haven’t posted here very much lately and for that I’m sorry.  I am just getting over a horrible cold that threatened to explode my head.  One of those really good colds that fills all 97 sinus cavities and keeps them full no matter what you do.  Because of this, post-nasal drip caused a racking cough approximately every 30 seconds.  Who can function under those conditions?

On good days – of which we have now after severe rain for a week – I can walk outside a bit and view all the trees changing around me.  There are lots of maple and walnut trees and in about a week or so they will reach their best.  I plan on taking my camera around the neighborhood and posting some of the better ones.

Of course, after that, the trees tend to let go and drop every one of those darn leaves on my yard.  It seems like even trees several yards up from me take much glee in flinging them into my yard instead of straight down.  I’m ready this year though – I have a mulcher attachment on my riding mower.  That’ll fix ’em.

My brother has started a blog over on Blogspot ( ) and, if you’re interested, trot over there and check it out.  He like Haiku (as do I) and tries to put one up fairly often.  It’s a form of poetry that he describes on his blog.  Haiku is great fun – give it a try.


2 thoughts on “Transition into fall is underway

  1. I’m so glad to hear the snot has subsided! ;o)
    I have an image of you on a sit on mower with a leaf blower! ;o) I’m looking forward to seeing your tree photos… I love trees in Autumn, especially in the beginning… the colour change, the bare branches… I think it evokes such wonderful images. (Especially when set agains Autumn sunrises.)
    I’ll go over and say hi to your brother… I’m not good at Haiku but love to read it.

  2. I’m sorry to read that you’ve been suffering somewhat! The leaves look really good at this time of year but you’ve pointed out the downside.
    Like Daffy I enjoy reading haiku so I’ll stop by as well!

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