Definite signs of Fall

Here are a series of pictures that you might enjoy.  All were shot at, or near, my house.  The little red PT Cruiser is the wife’s.

Daffy, I put in a shot of an albino squirrel just for you.  Of course, there are the obligatory finch shots too.  Note that they are beginning to show their winter feathers – just a little darker than usual.

The airplane was at around 15,000 feet and on course to the West.  It was nothing but a dot with a small contrail but the camera managed to get some pretty good detail.



7 thoughts on “Definite signs of Fall

    • I think so too Mike. My favorite part of the year is fall. Usually I get to go Elk hunting, but this year I just can’t afford it – high gas prices, and high license fees ($450).


  1. WHat an amazing splash of colour! (Except for the albino squirrel! hehe Not much colour on him! He looks great though! I am still trying to get a photograph of my three wild rabbits and two squirrels breaking bread together! It happens everyday but I just can’t manage to capture the moment! I’ll keep trying though!
    THanks for these amazing shots! We are surrounded by some amazing landscapes aren’t we!

    • I thought that albino squirrel would get your attention. I didn’t take the picture. I found it on the SF Chronicle site and it was taken in upstate New York. At first glance I thought it was a weasel, but then I looked closer – sure enough, it was a squirrel.


  2. Those threes are beautiful! Ours haven’t turned much…and may not because of the record low we hit…it was in the 20s…BUT we also hit a record high..we made 82^ 2 days in a row! Gotta love Colorado!
    Right now there is a fire in Estes Park. It is a mall and started at 6am..They are trying to keep the Theatre from burning. Apparently it is the oldest one west of the MIssisssipps. Haven’t gotten a fire update…hope it is OUT!
    Let me know if yiu DO come to Boulder….HUGS

    • I know what you mean. If you don’t like the weather – wait an hour. Used to be the same way when we lived in Longmont.

      Not sure if I will be coming back to Boulder this year. It depends on gas prices, available time, and other issues.


  3. Nice collection of photos there Bill, trees getting the same here when it stops raining long enough to get out to see them…..

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