Addition to our little family

My granddaughter, Briana, now has a little 18-month old kitty to keep her company.  She has named her ‘Cami’ because, as you can see, she blends in rather well with the rug.

We think Cami will love living with us.  Our elder cat, Mystic, who is 21 years old, took things calmly but Cami did a little hissing and growling.  That was two days ago – they are now sleeping on our waterbed, although at opposite ends.  They seen to be getting along better now.


5 thoughts on “Addition to our little family

    • Of all the cats we’ve owned not one of them has ever put a single hole in the waterbed. We keep a pretty thick cover over it all the time, plus they really like to curl up on the warm surface. They know they get banned from the bedroom if they do the “stretch-n-claw” bit on the bed.


  1. Lovely looking cat! I’m sure that they’ll both settle down quick enough and concentrate on the important things like eating and sleeping!

  2. She’s a pretty cat. Mine used to LOVE the water bed too…now they like the mattress just fine…..especially when I turn on the heated blanket. CATS~~~~ Gotta luv em!

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