Mostly lonely flowers

I really have to get back into blogging regularly.  I like to post pictures of the yard and things like that.  This post has some bedraggled remainders of fall that are just hanging in there.

The Iris popped up in the midst of dead leaves one day last week.  It’s the only one of our normal second growth every year.  For some reason just this one came up.  The poppies are the only two left of a rather large group of them earlier this fall.

My two woodpeckers are back.  The big one is hard to capture on camera as he is very fast.  He hits the suet block, raps a few times, and grabs a chunk so he can fly off.  The smaller male will stick around a bit.  Now that I study the picture a bit more, the small one might actually be the female – no red head feathers I can see.

The one morning glory is also a tough competitor, being the only one remaining of a twisty chain of them running up a big stake.

I have included the obligatory shot of finches too.