Some snow shots

I realize that a lot of my visitors have had quite enough snow for a while – especially those in the UK, but I wanted to put up some nice pictures of our latest snow job.  But first, some bird & squirrel pictures (of course).  In those where both appear in the same picture, the crow and the squirrel were actually chasing each other around the tree.  If I had thought about it I could have switched to video mode and gotten the whole thing in motion.  But, I don’t think that fast now.  Anyway, the first six shots are pictures of that weird encounter:

The next three are just the squirrels themselves. Taken shortly after Christmas actually. I had trapped some pieces of bread in the little green cage and just waited until a squirrel got curious. Their antics are hilarious.

The next six are just of Mr. Crow himself.  I don’t remember seeing any with marking quite like this.  Just a subtle hint of turquoise on the top/back fathers.  Almost looks like some variant of a bluebird & crow encounter.

And, finally, the scenes that met us this morning.  Luckily we didn’t have to go anywhere at all because the entire county was under a Snow Emergency Warning Level 1, which meant that only 4-wheel drive vehicles could be out until the roads were salted and/or cleared.

There are really FIVE snow pictures.  One of them is shy and didn’t show up except for just a small square.  Click on it and the picture will show up.  Well, shoot.  Now it’s there.  Go figure.


4 thoughts on “Some snow shots

  1. A nice set of photos there Bill, well done!
    Hopefully seen the last of the snow here but being the UK anything can happen…….

  2. Great photos, I love watching the antics of my squirrels too.
    I’ve had enough of snow for this year and just want to start plotting now! Cheers.

  3. I heard you all are getting dumped on this winter. The southern part of the state has gotten a TON of snow too. Boulder has missed most of the BIG storms.We had one of the driest Jan. on record in decades. It snowed here all day but we have maybe 3″ on the ground. I say KEEP IN THE MOUNTAINS WHERE IT BELONGS!! Hope ot lets on soon>>> I am SUCH a spring/summer person!! Just think>>>> only 3 more months till planting season!! (Mothers day is the designated “start to plant” season here)

    • Yeah. We’re getting more snow yet today and probably tomorrow. In total, we have about 8 inches on the ground and more to come. Naturally, my truck blew a power steering hose yesterday so it’s been rendered hors de combat until fixed as $328.


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