Snow, snow, everywhere

No pictures today.  I looked outside this morning and saw that we had already accumulated almost three inches over the last eight inches we had before.  Even then, I had to run my granddaughter over to the next town for her college class.  Luckily, my truck had been repaired from it’s bout with a blown hydraulic hose in the steering.  Four-wheel driving all the way there are back.  Not much fun.  We found, when we got back, that afternoon and evening classes had been canceled.

So, here I sit, penned in by the snow, and nothing to do.  Right now, the satellite is “in”, but with all the snow it just might go “out”.  I have a lot of DVD’s to watch though so all is not lost.  I might even try to do some more work on one of my virtual railroads.  Chippy has been asking for an update to my German route “Echternach to Erdorf” so maybe I’ll work on that.  It is unfortunate that I didn’t use the real terrain for the route, but, instead, just did a rough approximation.  Back in 1955 (through 1958) my dad was stationed in Bitburg which is right in the middle of my route.  To get names for surrounding towns, I just went out on Google Earth and mapped out the old train route.  It doesn’t even exist any more now.  The line stops at Bitburg and doesn’t continue down to the Luxembourg border.

Even I, a great lover of all things snowy, am ready for spring.


7 thoughts on “Snow, snow, everywhere

  1. Same here mate, ready for the better weather, snowed here again this afternoon but luckily I had no place to go, tomorrow is shopping day and the forecast is dire…..

  2. I remember spring>>> Isn’t that when things actually get some color BESIDES white on them?? SOOOO READY FOR IT!!!

  3. As I write more snow is forecast…I’m hoping we won’t get the bulk of it but I’m sorry for those in the UK who do. It’s certainly been around for a while now!
    I watched Yentl last night and loved it! All snug on the sofa… I mentioned it to a few work friends today and they all said “WHAT’S YENTL?” hehe I know you won’t let me down… will you?

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