Rest quietly, my friend

Today, just a couple of months short of his 21st birthday, Mystic had a stroke at around 1600.  Before we could have him examined by the vet, he had another one and passed away.  He will be missed very much.


7 thoughts on “Rest quietly, my friend

  1. Bill, I’m so sorry for your loss. Such a sad time for you but lots of memories. Mystic is a wonderful name too! May Mystic rest in peace. xx

  2. My thanks to you all for replying. Mystic has been interred in my back yard along with four of his mates: Smokey, Ginger, Kaia, and Tobie. Now the five of them can frolic and play together again.


  3. Bill, I just read this. I am so sorry to hear about Mystic. I know he will deeply missed…but is now with his 4 friends. Memories are good but they still don’t fill the void in the heart.
    Cleo is 18 and is healthy right now…but my Ginger has oral cancer. She is doing OK and doesn’t know she is ill but I can tell the difference in her. She will turn 12 on Aug. 31. I am hoping she lives even past that….

    • Thanks, Penny. All we have left now is Cami (short for Camouflage) and she is not a year old. She’s a very nice cat and I’ll try to get some pictures of her.


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