Yet another spring has arrived

Here are some neat shots from around the house.  I’ve added a few more that I thought were pretty funny.  Oddly enough, the rabbit was the first one I’ve seen this year.  He (she?) looks a little young and was probably born this spring.

This one just caught my eye as pretty funny.  No caption was given, but my caption would be “I am NOT Happy, I’m Grumpy if you must know”

“Don’t look – It’s horrible!!!!”

“No, you can NOT have my cheeze doodle”

Enjoy —


9 thoughts on “Yet another spring has arrived

  1. Nice selection Bill, had a couple of days in the low 80’s here so makes a nice change but being the UK it aint gonna last…..LOL

  2. Your flowers look GREAT. I think you are ahead of us weather wise BUT tody is 93^ and the flowers are finally going crazy (so are the weeds but thats another story!) I like the squirrels too. Nice captions! Hope all is going well….are you coming to Boulder this summer?

    • Not sure. Lorna may come out there to visit with J. but still up in the air right now. I probably won’t.


    • Not sure whay an “RSS” is but I see it is a test…This is only a test…had it been an actual WORD…… I would have been instructed to send something back. How is it your way?? It has been rainging here for 3 days. Boulder hasn’t gotten it too badly but out east…they have floods and BIG hail… it is calming down now and will be ib the 80s this week. NOW the grass will grow over night!

  3. Yeah. The RSS feeds are how you can check for a blog post or comment without actually going to the web site. You need an email/RSS reader like Thunderbird to do it. The feed quit working yesterday and I did a test to see why. It seems to be working now, but one never knows.

    Kind of ‘raingy’ here also, and VERY humid. I’ve been working in the yard for a week getting things into shape. Can’t work more than a couple of hours or I’ll be sopping wet with perspiration.


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