I have a web site!

Two days ago I uploaded the first draft of my web site.  The first page has a picture of me at the controls of a steam engine.  Number 97 of the Valley Railroad.  The railroad itself is over in Connecticut, in the town of Essex.  It is known also as “The Essex Steam Train” and their web site can be found here: http://www.essexsteamtrain.com/.

My site is a specialized site aimed at allowing people whose versions of the train simulator sold by Auran (Australian company) have become unsupported.  A ‘route’ is a collection of train boards with all manner of textures, trees, houses, tracks, trains, and the like set down on them.  Terrain can be modeled from actual digital maps and can be quite realistic.

I offer some pictures of a route that I created several years ago so you can get the general idea what Trainz is all about.

The site is here: http://trainzroutez.info/welcome.html so drop on by if you’re curious to see what I look like (with an added 20 pounds I have since lost).

Something screwy going on here.  I’m not getting my RSS feeds of this blog.


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