Beware of “Cometdocs”

I received several documents as XPS (Microsoft XPS Document format) files and looked around for something that would make these a little more readable (and editable).  Google found an online site that claimed to translate them from XPS to DOC format.  The site is called Cometdocs.

When you first go there, you will find a simple interface where you click the Browse button and search for the document(s) that you want translated.  Once found, you highlight the document(s) and click the Open button on your dialog box.  You are then directed to select one of the multiple ‘this’ to ‘that’ format buttons (I chose XPS to DOC).  Next, there is a field where you put your email address.  Once that is entered, you click the Send button.

Absolutely NOTHING will happen.  If you monitor the email address you just gave, there will appear an email from Cometdocs that requires you to click a link to “verify your email address”.  The link appears genuine and will take you back to a “thank you for verifying” page on Cometdocs.

Then you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  You will not get anything returned to you from Cometdocs.  I put the request for translation in at around 2130 last night and I am STILL WAITING now at 1030 this morning.  It does not take over 12 hours to translate a document.

The Cometdocs web site claims to be hosted by WordPress, although I find no sign of it anywhere here.  I am now convinced that Cometdocs is a scam to gather emails addresses and all the “I really like Cometdocs” posts (do a WordPress search on ‘Cometdocs’) all say virtually the same thing which means that they were probably put out there by the same person or group of people.

Beware of Cometdocs.



8 thoughts on “Beware of “Cometdocs”

    • Sure you can. There is a converter from that does it very nicely and rapidly called XPS2PDF. But that’s not the problem. Cometdocs simply does not respond at all with any link to your supposedly converted document. Nothing. Nada.


  1. I’ve Googled “Cometdocs” and find only your complaint that it is a “scam”.

    You may have encountered an anomalous condition–server down–holiday maintenance, etc. It is a free service, unlike the service you reference.

    As one says: YMMV.

    Good Luck!

    • That may be true of Google, but do a search on WordPress. As for what I mentioned – it isn’t a service at all but software that installs on your computer and works very well. I need something that goes directly from XPS to DOC.

      I gave Cometdocs one more try this afternoon – still nothing returned to me with my test XPS document.


  2. Hi Bill,

    I approached this site with the same doubts as you, put my (work) email address in anyway, submitted a document and nothing.

    I had already googled ‘cometdocs scam’ and didn’t notice your link, but nothing else much was returned except favourable reviews, something often fishy in itself lol.

    However, I created a full free account (since they had my email address anyway) and did the whole thing again, which exposed their ‘File Manager’ and lo! it had converted my XPS document to a TIF file as I requested. I also downloaded it manually from the File Manager in the end, as nothing was emailed to me as promised.

    I’ve received no emails at all in half an hour of starting the process.

    Hard to know if this is a genuine ebusiness getting off the ground, it doesn’t do much. And most comprehensive file converters cost you money.

    Pretty fine line between a scam and a business — I have no idea what they’ll do with my email address, I’m trusting the work filters are already blocking tons of spam anyhow…

    • Thanks for stopping by to confirm my observations, Sean. I was initially leery of making an account also – for the same reasons – but went ahead and did it.

      If it is a eBusiness, then it needs to correct the misconception of “we’ll send you an email with the link” and correct it to “you must have an account with us in order to get your documents.

      If is it a ‘spam trap’, then at least they are providing a service for their efforts.


  3. I recently sent a document to cometdocs and have been waiting all night for the email link. Im wondering where the document went to that I had sent in the first place. What happens to this information. This corporation is out of Canada. I email their support team and still no response. I would not recommend this website and it says in the instructions you do not have to sign up for a free account. So I didn’t and it still did not work. Still Waiting in Ohio!

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