BYTECC USB Flexible Drive Sucks

Today, I made a two-hour long trip down to Microcenter and back to see if I could find a USB Floppy drive.  I have a bunch of disks that I really need to find out what is on them.  I found the above-named drive for $25.  The box states that it will support Windows 98/2000/ME/XP and Vista.  It will definitely NOT run on any of those systems.  It is a huge pile of junk from mainland China that even screams “JUNK” at you with their manual (shown below):

BYTECC "Ploppy" disk drive

I find this absolutely hilarious.  There it sits on my desk.  A flat, black, blob of ‘plop’ directly from the cow.  It will do NONE of the following:

1) Read from a floppy

2) write to a floppy

3) format a floppy

4) anything else.

Basically, it sits there and clicks once in a while if you access it using Windows Explorer, but that’s all it does.  The manual, written using those little magnetic word/phrase things that stick to a refrigerator, is contradictory, incomprehensible, and just plain wrong.  There is no mention of windows 2000/ME/XP or Vista inside it’s huge 4 pages (counting the cover page).  There are three pages of Windows 95 installation dialog boxes with nothing visible in them but extremely tiny print which even a magnifying glass cannot enhance.  What it does have is “Copyright 1997” at the bottom of page 4.

So, what I’ve apparently bought is something that is probably less functional than a real, honest to goodness, cow plop.




3 thoughts on “BYTECC USB Flexible Drive Sucks

    • If I could get the disk drive to work, then I could install DOS 6.22. But as soon as I did, I couldn’t use the drive because it’s USB. Ah, the march of technology is great. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I made the mistake of purchasing a Bytecc product myself, the ME-350V4 hard drive enclosure. This one didn’t even come with a manual, I guess they couldn’t translate it. The power connector attaches to the back of the enclosure but the pins are so short that they don’t make contact unless I hold it just so. Bytecc “tech support” doesn’t reply to my emails, and you have to send them $10 for in-warranty repairs. Luckily I got a rebate on this baby; I can’t fault them for sending that but the funny thing is that the rebate check was a handwritten personal check and was post-dated 2 weeks into the future just to be annoying. Bytecc is a real classy outfit.

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