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So there you have it.  All of my overseas duty stations covered.  I suppose I could do the same thing with my stateside stations, but that might get a bit personal for the natives even though I retired from Skaggs Island, California way back in 1980.

I encourage readers to scan through my blog and pick out any special place they might like more details on.  I am sure I can supply things of interest for each and every one of them.

Just leave a comment and I’ll do my best.  With the nice spring season creeping up on us I might take a while though.  My camera is at the ready to capture some more bird/squirrel antics this year as they kick seeds onto the ground from the feeder and try to get into the cage with the suet.




4 thoughts on “Reader’s Choice

  1. Been to so many places..myself..but I tell you the one place i always wanted to go to was Greenland….always heard great things about it…..happy trails Sailor…zman sends

    • Thanks for stopping by, Zman. I’ve been to every continent and through almost every sea except the Kara, Laptev and Red.

  2. Hope you upload some squirrel antics Bill. I love squirrels. When I was in Denver at the Capitol Building one pulled a gun on me thinking I had food. After setting him straight, he merrily waltzed off to find a food friendly tourist.

    • I am sure that springtime will let me get some great squirrel shots. There is a family of them that live in a tree across the road from my house and they play in my yard because that’s where I have the dried corncobs hanging on a bungee cords.

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