First Signs of Spring

Here are some shots of my front yard.  The first few were actually shot in March, but after a slight snowfall.  It’s hard to make out the spots on the bird, but I think it might be a female robin the other is obviously a small woodpecker.

The rest or shots of various other bird-type animals in and around my feeder.

All the squirrel shots are of the same one; a youngster in search of how to get to my feeder.  He tries all sorts of things, but couldn’t make the jump between my yard light and the feeder.



4 thoughts on “First Signs of Spring

  1. Good photos! I bet that you enjoy watching the antics of both the birds and that rather determined squirrel. Cheers!

  2. Great pictures….gotta love squirrels, i see them in the yard and looks like they have the most inquisitive nature….my dog and a squirrel that i think lives in my yard seem to get along…they look at each other but keep their distance…zman sends

    • The squirrels and the starlings seem to have a relationship here. The birds kick seeds off the feeder and the squirrels wait for it to drop.

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