Now come the roses…

Finally, after all the rain we’ve had, the roses have started to pop out.  Here’s some pictures of them:

The little blue flowers are Cornflowers (I think) and they nestle around my guard duck.



3 thoughts on “Now come the roses…

  1. Your roses are beautiful!! I miss mine! It seems the dry winter we had has killed off about 90% of the HUGE bush that went up the west side of my house. I will have to trim off all the dead stuff and let it start again. It has good growth at the bottom….it IS over 40 years old though so I guess it has a right to do that. Flowers seem to be a good 2 weeks behind schedule as well as my little tree in front. Tge peonies are usually out by Memorial day but they still need a week or 2. So>>> I appreciate your roses!! THANKS

  2. Lovely, I do like roses. Mine have all started flowering at least a month early this year!
    I don’t think that the blue ones are cornflowers, but I’m not sure what they are!

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