Squirrel Attack!

I was looking out the window of my computer room and spotted a squirrel getting ready for a run at my corn cob bungee cord.  I snapped some shots as (s)he crept up on the unsuspecting quarry:

I like the last one.  It’s sort of a “go away and leave me alone” shot.


6 thoughts on “Squirrel Attack!

  1. I LOVE these pictures!! I think the the lil varmit is totally humiliated!! HAHAHA
    My friend Connie had one of those bird feeders that would start to spin if anything heavier than a bird was on it…..and continue to spin faster till>>>> She saw a few squirrels fly past her window.
    You are a pretty good photographer! That must be where Jennifer got her taste for the picture taking!

  2. Thanks, Penny. The little guy/gal was just a youngster and didn’t make the leap (so to speak) from the ground up to the cobs. For some reason, it must have seemed easier to go up the tree, out on the limb, and crawl headfirst down the springy part to the cob. Never try to outguess a squirrel.

    Note the bird. Every time a kernel fell, he would dart in and grab it.

  3. It’s always great fun to watch and photograph such antics, especially when it’s youngsters who are more adventurous or foolish! I like the third picture where it’s stretched out.

    • Well hello, Nikki. I often wonder that myself. We have an 18-month old cat who could use a bit of psychological attention herself. Sometimes what she does defies logic. Thanks for stopping by.

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