Well, hello there!  I’ve been doing my best to keep from going outside for any reason at all.  This is hard to do since the wife has gone to Colorado for moral support and washing machine replacement.  Over the last week, the daily average has been somewhere between hell and a much warmer spot (Phoenix).  I have a Mini-Max thermometer and it told me on Friday that the highest temperature reached was 101 degrees (fahrenhot).  Since the actual thermometer is on the front porch, I aimed my camera out the front door and zoomed in on the reading.  Hah!  I didn’t have to go outside!

At night is has been a little more reasonable – only hitting the low 80’s.  I’d mow my jungle lawn, but I’m afraid that the lawn tractor will go up in a burst of flame (not to mention the plastic of the seat adhering to my seat).  Mowing at 0300 is probably not a good idea either.

Yesterday, a little lost cloud passed over my house and in a freakish set of circumstances let loose with a huge blast of thunder at exactly the same time my cat landed on the floor after jumping off the couch.  I jumped a foot, but suffice it to say that the cat jumped further – around 15 feet if I measured correctly.  When last seen, she was headed horizontally across the floor in hovercat mode about three inches off the floor.  She didn’t even respond to my calls of ‘crunchy!’ until the storm had passed.  Even then she repeatedly looked at me as if I’d done it on purpose.

Today it is only as hot as the approaches to hell: a mere 84.  It is partly cloudy (a condition the weather-guessers insist on calling ‘partly sunny’) and there is a very small breeze blowing once in a while.  I did get my lawn mowed however.  It was rapid and required that I actually leave the house so I made it fast and ducked back inside right away.  As I gaze out the window, I can see little ridges of grass where, in my haste, I didn’t quite get over far enough and left a trail.

Boredom has set in.  I’ve watched enough satellite TV to pay for my outrageous billing for the month and have reverted back to books.  I’ve started Tom Clancy’s latest book, which weighs in at approximately 5 pounds (weight, not monetary) and contains over 700 pages.  I’m halfway through it and enjoying it thoroughly.  A week ago, I ended up at Ollie’s (a local “we have everything” store) and bought three more backup books just in case this heat wave continues past December.

I sat at the table this morning eating my cereal and had a random thought: Why did all the cereal companies drop the use of waxed paper for liners?  Waxed paper kept a great seal and allowed you to have more than one box open at the same time without any of them going stale.  Now, they create these Kevlar liners that takes a bazooka to open and, in the process, scatters cereal all over the kitchen floor.  This is excepting, of course, Shredded Wheat.  These little bales of hay come three to a packet but, if you note on the specifications box, the figures are for TWO biscuits.  This means that you have to figure 1.5 times all the figures to actually arrive at what you ate/are eating.  On the other hand, you can re-pack one biscuit for the next time.  This means that when Shredded Wheat comes around in breakfast rotation (about a week later) the one biscuit you saved has gone stale.  Bummer.

Fixing my own meals doesn’t stop at breakfast.  I now have to do both lunch and supper (or dinner – depending on where you were brought up).  I wouldn’t mind so much, but I have to go out into the garage and open the freezer door to select an eatable.  Once that’s done, I fix it in one of two ways: 1) boil it in a pan, or, 2) nuke it with microwaves.  Done either way, the meal kind of tastes the same – bleh.

I haven’t included any animal pictures lately because even the squirrels are holed up in their air-conditioned condos awaiting cooler weather.  I imagine it’s pretty hard on them because they start out with a fur coat and get warmer.  Even the birds are panting when they land on the lawn.  Their prey (worms, one presumes) are dug in deep enough so that even the sharpest robin’s beak can’t reach them.  I know this is true because I saw a robin just the other day with a shovel over its shoulder.

Random thoughts are cool; one never knows where they will end up.


8 thoughts on “Hot

  1. I LOVED this entry!!…..especially the image of the robin & shovel! The animals here are rarely seen during the daytime. I was mowing the lawn next door (I am watering & mowing till the house is under contract now after only 1.5 weeks on the market!) ANYWAY>>> I was rounding the clothesline and almost ran over a deer. She really didnt want to move…she was in the shade of a huge tree. She finally did but just to the newly mowed lawn. She went right back to where she was when I was finished. I thikn she will be sad to see people actually living in the house! Meanwhile, the cats are spread eagle over anything that is cool….Cleo on the washer, Neko on the table and Izumi on my bed. We will have 1 day in the upper 80s on Wed (maybe) then back into the 90s…BUT we at least get in the 60s at night.
    I talked to Lorna and she has helped me a lot. She seems to always be here when I need her…YAY!!! She can fill you in on “stuff”.

    • Yeah. Deer still hang around the property I’m taking care of also. It sits on almost 3 acres of land, most of which is forested, right in the middle of town. I can’t imagine why it’s remained on the market for almost two and a half years.

      Fortunately, the house is remaining cool. A very efficient heat pump does the job.

  2. Goodness that’s way too hot for me so I sympathise!
    A terrific post though which conjures up some vivid images. Stay cool!

  3. Luxury Bill. Last summer we had an average of 104 degrees Fahrenheit for the month!

    I had to extract my cat’s claws from my leg today after we had a huge thunder storm 😦

    • That is far too hot for me. One of the medications I take states that I should “not expose myself to the direct rays of the sun”. I have no idea why this was put on there unless they’re afraid of some sort of transformation will take place. Maybe I’ll turn into a dump truck or something; that would be WAY cool!

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