Close Call

Over the last three days, my eldest daughter has been driving up from Texas to Ohio.  The entire trip has been fraught with delays, traffic snarls, and accidents all the way northwards.  Early this morning (0430 or so) we found out she’d been in an accident not 20 miles from our house.  The wife headed down to the local Dayton hospital to be there while she got checked out.  She is fine.  No broken bones or anything like that, but she is bruised on the left side of her ribs and she took a hard knock on the head from the driver’s door frame.

Seems some jerk in a red, dual-wheeled pickup was either drunk or sleepy and, just after she passed him and made for the exit from I-70 to I-675 he sped up to a high rate of speed and attempted to pass her on the exit ramp.  She dodged him successfully but a wheel dropped off the concrete and she started to fishtail.  She’s a good driver, having herded 18-wheeler’s around for a bit, so I rather imagine that the early morning dew had a lot to do with why she spun sideways into a drainage ditch.

The whole left side of the mom-mobile took the brunt of the blow.  Both left front and rear wheels are buckled under the frame.  The left rear wheel detached and is only held on by brake cables.  The air dam was shoved upwards and cracked in three places.  The driver’s door and the left-side sliding door are both jammed hopelessly.  The responding rescue units had to evac her through the rear lid.  The officer investigating told her she was extremely lucky no bones were broken given the shape the vehicle is in.

Both she and I are wondering why the air bags didn’t deploy though.  They should have, given the drop into the drainage ditch, but they didn’t.  The jerk who caused the accident is long gone – he left the scene at a high rate of speed.  If that person happens to be reading this, just remember:  Karma is a bitch!

She is now sleeping on our couch after taking a couple of pain pills.  There is no doubt in my mind that the van is a total write-off.  Thank goodness AAA has that ‘trip interruption’ coverage so she can get a replacement vehicle for the trip back south.

A local TV station has this video of the accident:

4 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. OMG!!! I am so glad she is OK…considering what could have happened! The police were right…w/ damage like that to a vehicle…she was VERY lucky!! I wish there had been a witness….what a schmuk (& that is a nice word) to leave. If he was drunk he might nit even know he did anything till he sees his truck side! Maybe the pokice can have repair shops watch out for him when he gets it repaired?? Tell Kathy I hope she feels better real soon!!

    • Unfortunately the (expletive deleted) didn’t hit her. Kathy was agile enough to dodge him but her left front wheel dropped off the pavement and it swung her around. She wasn’t able to get his license number.

  2. Thank goodness she is relatively okay! Strange, and worrying, about the air bags. Incidents like that happen far too often thanks to idiot drivers, who all to often get away with it.

    • I’ve thought long and hard about the air bag issue. It could be that since the initial impact was from the side (she has bruised left side ribs and the left side of her head whacked the door frame) the airbag sensors didn’t fire. When she nosed down into the drainage ditch, her forward speed was barely moving so they didn’t fire there either. With the wheels literally torn off, the van will be written off I’m sure.

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