Freshly Minted Hero

The San Francisco Chronicle buried this story down in the back “pages” of its web site.  I think it ought to be on the front page.  Here is a link to the article:

There are now 36 people who are now alive after his actions.  I applaud him.


7 thoughts on “Freshly Minted Hero

  1. He is a true hero. I bet there are so many men like him that NEVER get the recognition they deserve. I did see this on the news though…so at least THAT wasn’t hidden away…

  2. A real hero. He should not have to pay taxes for the rest of his life. Have immense admiration for that kind of bravery and courage under fire….god bless him and his family..zman sends

  3. Despite saving 36 lives it is the four who he didn’t save that haunt him. He wanted them honored at the same time he received his medal. You can tell this is something he is struggling with and I just hope the US government won’t let him down if he ever needs help to deal with it. God bless all the servicemen and servicewomen who put their life on the line every single day.

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