End of the month blahs

Well, shoot.  Here it is the last day of September.  The wife has had her birthday (27th), and I’m basically down to staggering around the house in a cold-induced coma.  Two weeks ago, I started with a sore throat.  This progressed (as it usually does) downwards into my chest and upwards into my brain.  No matter what I take, or what I do to stop this process, I still end up coughing myself silly.  It is especially bad at night when I lie on my back.  Within minutes, every sinus cavity in my head (you’ve seen those commercials with the pulsing yellow blotches all over a stylized head) draining down into my throat.

At the moment, I am taking Robitussin.  It seems to help, but makes me sweat.  I really meant sweat as opposed to perspire.  Perspire is something you do quietly and with as little fuss as you can; what I do is industrial sweating.

In the middle of all this, my computer started playing silly buggers and kept freezing on me.  I spent two complete days trying to find out what was causing it problem.  I tested RAM; I tested CPU; I tested video; I tested the power supply; heck, I tested the motherboard by pushing on it with a pencil eraser.  BINGO!  That’s where I found the fault.  Apparently, when my daughter was here and we were checking out some of her spare RAM modules, one of them got inserted screwy and slightly bent one of the hundreds of tiny little fingers that grab the RAM stick.  The only way you can see it is to look at it through my Official Sherlock Holmes Magnifying Glass – and then only under the brightest of light.  Why the RAM managed to test good is beyond me, because every time I just pressed the module a tiny bit – boom – Vista would crash to its knees; and that isn’t a pretty sight.

So, now I have a problem: my RAM consists of two modules: a 1GB module and a 2GB module.  If I try to have both of them operating, I get halts, bluescreens, and general tomfoolery.  Now I am down to the 2GB module in the undamaged slot.  According to my motherboard manufacturer (a gnome living in a swamp in Kuala Lumpur) it will support a 4GB module.  Now, if I can locate a 4GB module of PC2/6400 DIMM I’m in business again.  The computer runs on 2GB, but is fairly slow because sometimes it has to disk-swap.

Fall has descended on us with heavy feet; clumping down around town, smashing flowers and bashing trees so hard they turn red and yellow.  This I wouldn’t mind, except it also brought along cold days with a grey sky and drizzle.  I hate drizzle.  My truck does not have wipers that pause.  They are either ON or OFF.  That means, that unless I want to leave them on and drive myself nuts with the constant squeek squeek squeek of rubber on dry windows I have to leave them off and manually flip them on from time to time.  I judge that time as being when my nose gets pressed against the horn button and it bleats.

I had an occasion to try and utilize a voice-activated menuing system.  Most of the ones I have encountered will respond well to a carefully modulated voice that neither inflects any particular syllable or rises and falls in tone.  Sort of like the robotic voice that answers the phone when you call.  I have often wondered what would happen if two such systems were hooked together somehow.  Wouldn’t that be a hoot?  Each one telling the other “Did you mean…” and “I think you wanted…” Ad Infinitum.

Final thought:  How does one tell for sure when sour cream has gone, er, sour?

9 thoughts on “End of the month blahs

  1. Sour cream doesn’t get sour….it gets FUZZY! (EW!)
    Sorry you aren’t feeling good….it must come w/ the weather. Our weather is going to be in the 80s for the next 3-5 days…YAY!…hopefully headed your way…after we use some. Maybe some peppermint tea?? might help w/ the “stuffies”..
    Hope you could at least help celebrate Lornas’ birthday.
    you lil sis

  2. I’m sorry to see that you’ve not been feeling too good recently but hope that you’re beginning to feel better now.
    It doesn’t help when the PC goes on the blink and the weather isn’t grand either. Hopefully the first now works okay and the second has improved as well.
    Take care!

  3. If the sour cream smells bad toss it…much like milk…I know what you mean about the weather. Here in the Midlant you cant plan from one day to the next …..hope your feeling better..take some dristan at night that usually helps me….zman sends

    • I was being semi-facetious with my sour cream question. If it starts out already sour, when does it actually GET sour? I think my sister said it best “it gets FUZZY!”. I have to be careful about what I take due to my BP medications. Dristan is on my no-no list. I can take Robitussin however.

  4. I hope you are feeling better. I have been down and out with it for the past two weeks. I think it’s viral. Be careful Bill, these new strains tend to send you down rapidly.

    Sour cream eventually ends up as blue vein cheese. Well, it looks like it in my fridge 😦

    • It could very well be viral because it seems to be hanging on much longer than normal. Usually, two weeks and it is gone; but not this one.

      What started the whole ‘sour cream’ thing was a tub of it I discovered at the back of my fridge. I thought it was cottage cheese until I looked at the label. It was definitely yukky.

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