The birds are back!

I tossed out all the cruddy suet blocks I bought and bought new ones.  The birds came back – in flocks.  In two days they cleaned out three blocks.  Here’s some pictures.

The squirrel came from across the road, bounded onto my lawn, dug a hole, and buried the walnut.  The one in the tree is a different one, but is still intent on cracking the casing.

I just liked the cardinal shot.  Note the crest.

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5 thoughts on “The birds are back!

      • You’re right! It does look like a target. I’ve since found a whole nest of them in the tree across the road. At least four young ones live there. Might be interesting next spring.

        PS: I made the change for you.

    • Thanks, Loon. We had Cornish Game Hens and sweet potatoes. A change from the traditional turkey. Did you know that Ben Franklin proposed that our national bird be the turkey?

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