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My wife and I have just set up a joint web site.  The home page just contains two big buttons.  The one the left is to enter my web site and the one on the right is for hers.

The URL is:

The main purpose of my site is to list all the ways I can help computer users who dislike (or can’t really afford) paying a lot of dollars to have someone come and do things to their computer.  Some tasks that fall into this category are:

1. Remove malware and crudware from the computer.

2. Install software and optimize it.

3. Set up a new computer and make recommendations for what pre-installed software to keep or get rid of.

4. Help set up a home network.

5. Consulting about which computer to buy to fit your intended use.

6. Want your own website?  I’ll be happy to assist from initial design through coding it up and all the way to putting it out on the web.

7. Assist in upgrading your computer with new hardware or software.

8. Help maintain your computer – dustballs inside it can be deadly.

I work generally in the Dayton, Ohio area and inside 20 miles I won’t charge for gas.  Before I do a thing, we will have agreed on a price – and it won’t make a huge dent in your budget.  Anyway, the URL is active now but the home page is as far as it goes.


5 thoughts on “My new website

  1. Dont know much about building websites. There are so many site builders out there. Problem is everyone wants this much a month. Sometimes I think capitolism not such a good thing. Best of luck on your new enterprise. zman sends

    • Well, it isn’t really a new enterprise. I’ve been doing it for some time now and just decided to do my own web site. I get an agreement with the customer for a set price and then I do it. The quickest way to sour a deal is to try and set up a “retainer”-type fee structure. Any major changes might require a fee agreement, but it wouldn’t be much.

    • Not as lot on it right now, but the wife is planning on putting up lots of pictures of her polymer clay items. I’ve never run across a “dual” website, but – hey – why not? Saves having to register for two domains.

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