Surgery all done

I am typing, at the moment, one-handed.  My left arm is in a rigid cast bent at the elbow and in a sling.  What fantastic surgery!  I got a nerve block right in the shoulder – watching the ultrasound screen as they did it – and it almost immediately went to sleep.  I couldn’t feel a thing from the upper point of my shoulder down to the tips of my fingers.

I still haven’t seen the stitches because they are wrapped in bandages, but those come off Tuesday when I see the surgeon again.  The block was so thorough that I didn’t get any feeling back – anywhere on my arm – for 12 hours. I was kept in the hospital overnight to forestall any infections and then released Friday.  It felt strange to have those fingers hanging out there from the wrapping and not be able to feel my touching them with my good hand.  It felt like someone else’s hand.

I had to give up the waterbed temporarily because I couldn’t get up out of it. What was so amazing was that at no time was there any real pain.  I got painkillers, but stopped taking them because they had codine in them.  Codine and I don’t get along.  It makes my stomach upset, I get the sweats, and mt BP goes up a bit.

This whole thing is going to cost me $3.75 though – for the food I ate.

4 thoughts on “Surgery all done

  1. I’m glad that you are feeling no pain. I hope it stays that way. When I had toe surgery, I never felt any pain either. The pain killers make me sick as well and the first time I took them…well it wasn’t a pretty sight….then I got anti nausea pills for it but ended up not taking any more “killers”. Gee NOW you can get all you little frineds to sign your cast!!! Lorna gets to be first! Get lots of rest so you can get nack into the waterbed….. take care

    • Well, I don’t actually have a cast to write on. It is a strip of what feels like lead bar about ten feet long and three feet wide. It encloses my incision and keeps me from bumping it. The whole thimg it held up by a sling around my neck which makes me walk listing to port. At the moment, my arm is covered by a large elastic tarpaulin suitable for use as an emergency tent. Tomorrow, all that goes away and I will have just a bandage on it.

  2. Well hope you are feeling better. Yeah thats a tough surgery had my shoulder repaired as well….i stayed on the drugs until basically subsided. For me Vicodin was a friend of mine…..great news about the bill….great to have tricare or whatever you have……zman sends

    • When I turned 65, Tricare turned into Tricare for life. What that really means is that Medicare becomes the primary provider and Tricare picks up what’s left. It’s good system and I live only about three miles away from the hospital anyway. All my pharmaceuticals come from the base pharmacy also.

      There is some residual soreness in the elbow, but I’m working it out now. It’s painful when I stretch things, but subsides faster and faster each time.

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