Comments are closed?

For some reason, comments have been disabled for my blog.  Does anyone know why this has happened?

I realize I haven’t been making many posts here, but that shouldn’t have any bearing on what gets commented on.
Let’s see what happens to this post…
EDIT:  I found the culprit!!  Buried down in my settings is a check box that says “Turn off comments after [fill in the blank] days.  It was set to “14”.  I changed it to “90”.  I’d never noticed this check box before.

8 thoughts on “Comments are closed?

  1. Well…I can comment on here. I am going thrpugh my email on Xfinity. My usual email is still down. I need to call the IncrediMail hotline! Hope your turkey day was good.

  2. I have no idea wich Type of comment you’d like … i just like to comment ..

  3. I have been having trouble for a few months posting comments here Bill. I thought you had just blocked them. Comments get blocked after a few days. You might want to check your settings.

    I hope you have a absolutely wonderful Christmas and New Year xxx

    • Yeah. One of my settings kept closing down comments. You can only open them up for a given time limit and then they get closed again. Not very friendly.

      And a Happy Holidays to you too, Loon.


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