Another long time between posts

Time has completely gotten away from me since my last post.  My wife and I have had our 50th wedding anniversary of August 1st, which we celebrated in January with a 14-day cruise to the Caribbean.  It was a wonderful trip and we enjoyed it a lot.  Unfortunately, right after I got back, I came down with a horrible case of gout in my left leg, ankle, and big toe.  It immobilized me for almost two weeks (and put me in the hospital for three days).

Then, a few months later, I had my prostate flare up and block me up.  Now I had a catheter to mess with (documented as several previous posts).

As I’ve said before, I do most of my writing over on as ‘Tom Oldman”.  Several short stories and three rather long novels have been published.  I’m currently working on three more novels, but have had to curtail my time on them due to guests in house for the holidays.

Now it is into January and things have calmed down somewhat.  I hope to get back to at least an occasional post here.