Still around, from time to time

I spend an awful lot of my time over on Booksie now.  I have quite a few novels (one topping over 100 chapters), and a bunch of short stories, poems, and the like.  I enjoy doing them and have a few fans following me.  Over there, I write under the name “Tom Oldman” so if you go to and do a search for that name, you’ll find me.

Lately, I’ve found WordPress to be a bit ‘clunky’ as an interface and have to go looking for functions and buttons that used to be quite visible.  I really hate it when a web host makes changes just for the sake of changing something to make it look like they’re ‘moving along’.  My adave has always been: If it works, don’t screw with it”.

Facebook, on the other hand, is really, really bad at creating chaos out of calm.  For absolutely no reason I can see, colors are changed, position of buttons either changed or dropped/added willy-nilly, and whole iFrames are either modified or moved to make way for an increasing amount of ads.  I’ve been kept busy writing scripts for my GreaseMonkey add-on in Pale Moon that helps me kill things that irritate me (especially on Facebook).  Of course, nobody in their “customer service” even deigns to answer a simple query or an enraged complaint.  No matter how nasty you are to them, they simply ignore you.

Anyway, I will now climb down off my soapbox and get some sleep.


2 thoughts on “Still around, from time to time

    • Thanks, Tanya. WordPress is a great place for a blog, but doesn’t lend itself well to actualy books and such. Booksie is oriented towards novels, short stories, poems and such so I hang out there mostly.

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