Has it been THAT long?

I was looking through some old paperwork and came across my login details for this account. I thought I’d closed it long ago, but apparently not. But, four years? Yikes.

In the time that has passed, I’ve workshopped two novels on a writing site (Thenextbigwriter.com) and have self-published them on Amazon as both eBooks and paperbacks. They are:

You Only Love Twice – A romance novel about an Amercan buninessman living and working in japan of the 1980s who meets, woos, and marries a Japanaese woman he met on a commuter train.

The Long Trek Home – A dystopian thriller set in the near future following a double catastrophy. A man and woman struggle to stay alive while setting out for a distant destination they think is safe.

Both can be found here:  Author B. Douglas Slack

I am currently working on my third and fourth novel. One of them is a sequel to The Long Trek Home. The other is another romance novel set in Europe of the 1960s.