Back again

For some unknown reason, I forget I have this blog. I should try to keep it going by posting more often. Now that spring is slowly giving way to summer, I’m more likely to be out of the house than in it. Being retired is great as I can do what I want when I want (with the approval of the wife, of course).

On the 23rd of May I’ll be heading west to Colorado to prepare our other house for summer. Stuffing the air conditioner into the living room window, cleaning downspouts and gutters, and jobs like that isn’t fun, so I only do this twice a year.

The sales on my two novels are tapering off. Since I self-published, I have to do my own advertising and promotions. The local library lets me set up a table once every six months and hawk my books. This is a good thing, but won’t make you rich. Actually, the whole writing thing won’t increase a bank account by much. You can find my novels on Amazon under: B Douglas Slack.

I should have some nice spring-ey pictures of the mountains and/or snow when I get back.