About Me

I’m retired (twice).  Once from the US Navy in 1980 and a second time from Computer Programming and Systems Management about nine years ago.  I still write programs, but only on contract now.  I also create web pages for small businesses.

Been married for almost 51 years and have been living in Ohio for just on 25 years.

I like to write short stories and would love to have some of my funnier stuff published.  But they would probably show up in obscure documents that will probably never see the light of day unless a rather bizarre set of circumstances sets them free.  For the moment, you can find some of my literary efforts over at booksie.com under the pen name of Tom Oldman.


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Some funny stuff, bro.
    I couldn’t figure out at first how to leave a comment, and was surprised to see it was by clicking over to your ‘about me’ field. Kinda like going to the start icon on MS programs to turn off a computer.
    I don’t have time to read the archived posts but Penny says she has, some, and she finds them funny too.
    Is it just your options choices, or the site you use, or something I didn’t see on my blogspot site that provides the info about how many hits, post-date calendars, etc. They’re nice options…
    Later –

  2. Your site is FANTASTIC. I can’t wait for the time to settle down and start reading. (I teach, and I’m almost there: to summer chill time.) So I’ve followed your blog. Are you possibly interested in reviewing a book on growing up in the ‘60s? I’ve discounted my ‘60s coming-of age-novel Ride the Snake (author Kevin Kelly) to FREE on Amazon as a Kindle download for the weekend. (And you and my e-publisher should talk about your stories.) Thanks for checking out the madness, and possibly reviewing the book!

    • Hi, Kevin. I have pretty much transferred my writing to booksie.com now. I write as Tom Oldman and have published four novels so far. I have thought about turning my ramblings into some sort of literary form, and perhaps I will at some date. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Found your site by error. What ever happened to the web site on the “OX” by CT Cassidy ? I served on the OX from Oct 65 to Oct 66. Best duty in my four years THS

    • That site, which was being hosted by Tripod, unilaterally took it down as “a source of unwanted spam”. They didn’t tell George that they did it and he only found out one day when he was going to do some maintenance. I have most of the pages from the site and am in the process of rebuilding it and I will host it on my GoDaddy site once I finish building it.

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