The Iris have arrived – in profusion

Due to all the rain we’ve had for the last three weeks, all my Iris bloomed at once.  The dark purple purebreds, the hybrid purple/white, and the whites all came in at the same time.  The roses will undoubtedly be along in due course.  Here are some shots of the Iris:


Yet another spring has arrived

Here are some neat shots from around the house.  I’ve added a few more that I thought were pretty funny.  Oddly enough, the rabbit was the first one I’ve seen this year.  He (she?) looks a little young and was probably born this spring.

This one just caught my eye as pretty funny.  No caption was given, but my caption would be “I am NOT Happy, I’m Grumpy if you must know”

“Don’t look – It’s horrible!!!!”

“No, you can NOT have my cheeze doodle”

Enjoy —


A bit of snow

We had a little bit of snow last night.  It fell around 4AM and dusted us with just about an inch.  My daffodils bowed their little heads, but when the sun came out and melted the ice on them, they perked right back up.  Hardy little flowers they are.

The two shots of the birds on the suet block were made in near-dark as they tried to keep warm and feed at the same time.


Mostly lonely flowers

I really have to get back into blogging regularly.  I like to post pictures of the yard and things like that.  This post has some bedraggled remainders of fall that are just hanging in there.

The Iris popped up in the midst of dead leaves one day last week.  It’s the only one of our normal second growth every year.  For some reason just this one came up.  The poppies are the only two left of a rather large group of them earlier this fall.

My two woodpeckers are back.  The big one is hard to capture on camera as he is very fast.  He hits the suet block, raps a few times, and grabs a chunk so he can fly off.  The smaller male will stick around a bit.  Now that I study the picture a bit more, the small one might actually be the female – no red head feathers I can see.

The one morning glory is also a tough competitor, being the only one remaining of a twisty chain of them running up a big stake.

I have included the obligatory shot of finches too.


A bit about this and that

I’ve been pretty busy here working on various projects around the house.  I’ve also a month into my new fitness regime having passed my one-month mark of walking/trotting a mile every day.  I now have it down to 15 minutes and a few seconds.  I walk fast for three minutes and trot for one minute.  I can now boost my heart rate up quite a bit without getting winded – which is a great step beyond what I used to be able to do.

We’ve had some heavy weather pass across our area for the last week.  Lots of gentle rain and one thunderstorm yesterday that had me closing down my computers.  I have a UPS, but it is somewhat unreliable AND I didn’t want to have any lightning strike get to my equipment.    The storm lasted about an hour and blinked the lights several times but I didn’t lose them.  Turned out to be just over an inch and three quarters of rain in one hour.  Just what I needed for my flowers.

Speaking of which, the front yard has been alive with various animals and here is a small gallery of shots.  If you hover the mouse over the picture I have named them.  Click on them and they will enlarge. Use your “Back” thingy to get back here.

The morning glory is just one of several vines that came up without my trying this year.  I was surprised they came up at all.  I have a stake next to them and they are now twining up the stake happily.

The woodpecker was on my back porch railing and, after it left, I saw that it was after some bugs in a hollow inside the rail.  The young bird had pecked three holes and dug out some type of beetle.  Bon Appetite.

I put the double-height feed tray under the tree in my front yard and it was an instant hit with the squirrels.  They love to climb on it.  One day – and me without my camera handy – there were 7 squirrels cavorting all over it.

The rabbits were way back in my yard so the shots are a bit fuzzy (as they are too) but they appeared to be yearlings as I hadn’t seen them before.  When I stepped out on my back porch, they went to alert status and froze.

I’ve named some of the more remarkable squirrels.  Gold Tail has a huge, brushy, golden tail.  I’m not sure how Thor got his tail like that but I bet it was by touching an electrical wire somewhere – maybe I should have named him Sore instead of Thor?



A beautiful day today

Here are some random shots from my flower beds as of today.  The Iris’ have flowered, but are a bit shy in the bright sunlight.  My duck, Decoy, guards the beds from bugs.  The little blue flowers are only about an inch across so I had to get close to show details.

Click on any picture to make it bigger: