Happy fall to you

As it was pointed out on the news today, the autumnal equinox occurred at twenty-three-something last night.  The time is, of course, in Eastern Daylight Time.  For one, I am fairly happy to see this summer go away.  It has been a very hot and muggy summer.  It was pretty much full of days where you didn’t even want to go outside for any reason.  If you did, you’d be covered in sweat perspiration, and your clothes would hang on you like burlap bags.

I notice that Flighty’s post today (http://flightplot.wordpress.com/) holds a wonderful picture of ‘punkins’; the traditional Autumn and October vegetable.  Somehow, I just can’t bring myself to call them by their proper name of pumpkins.  I’ve always called them the diminutive of punkin.  My dad used the term as well as his dad when he grew them on his farm out in Colorado.  Like Flighty, I’m not all the keen on punkins, but they make a great severed head for Halloween.

It is still  muggy and hot outside.  Yesterday it hit 95 degrees and it is supposed to be this way for the rest of the week.  We had a touch of rain, but it pretty much steamed up from the ground right as it hit.  I don’t see any more on the way for us for the rest of the week.  There is a storm system to the west of us, but it seems to be carrying northwards up into the Michigan peninsula and will probably cross the border into Canada instead of coming this way.

The house and grounds I am caring for is once again up for sale.  The price has been reduced drastically down to around $215K.  If I had the money, that would sound attractive to me for a historic house and just a hair under 3 acres of huge trees.  Since I’m the ‘caretaker’ I’ve been asked to get it ready for tours by making sure all the doors close properly and the floors are nice and clean – that sort of thing.  Since the house as been vacant for so long, and the heating/cooling has been turned off, some of the frames around the doors have warped slightly.  I need to touch them up with a little filing or planing so they will close.  I am told that doors not closing is a big turn-off for potential house buyers.

Well, breakfast is done, so I guess it’s time for me to get moving over to the house and begin working on it.


Terrible Blogger am I

I just realized that I hadn’t posted anything since May 22.  The summer doldrums just got to me.  As the days lengthened, and the heat rose up into the mid-eighties and higher, with the increase in humidity, I just got lazy.  I’ve been spending a lot of time during the last six weeks working over at a friend’s house.  She was widowed about fifteen years ago and finally moved out of town (to Washington state actually) and asked me to take care of her property until she can sell it.  The property is covered with huge trees and encompasses almost three acres of land (plus the house).  The house itself was partially built in the 1880’s with a more modern addition added around the mid-1970’s.  Brambles, wildflowers, huge bundles of lilac bushes that are almost trees themselves, and loads of poison plants like ivy and sumac abound.

I managed to get a very healthy dose of poison sumac the other day.  I was being very careful, but a vine of it fell from a tree as I was pulling it down and caught me across the forearms and forehead.  Now my whole left eye is puffed up with blisters all over the place not to mention stripes of clear blisters across my lower arms.  It itches like hell and the tendency is to scratch but that only serves to spread it around so I have to occasionally hit it with rubbing alcohol and Calamine Lotion.  Wooh!  That really stings, but sure feels good after I quit screaming.

I’ve also painted pretty much every building in the yard at least one coat and mowed down the thigh-high weeds in the back yard.  I spent one whole day pressure washing the black mold and moss off the back deck timbers too.  I now have most of it under control now so I can relax a little and wait for the grass to grow up enough so I can cut it.

If anyone wants to know, this property lies in the middle of Beavercreek here in Ohio and can be purchased for a measly $250K.  That is an extremely good price for a medium-sized house with four bedrooms, two baths, two kitchens and two stories.  The upper story can be blocked off at the stairs to make a complete apartment available for rent.  I have pictures if anyone wants to see what it looks like.

I will try to give more attention to the blog than I have in the past few months.