Ok, I admit it. I was wrong.

I finally got Cometdocs to work.  Apparently, the method they USED to use was to send you an email with a link to your converted document.  That has gone by the wayside I guess.  What you do now is upload your document and then haunt the next tab over (called ‘File manager’) and wait for your document to finish processing.  Then, you click on the provided link and download it back to your computer.  This, to me, is a much cleaner way to do it anyway.

On this tab, you are also offered the choice of leaving your original and the converted docs up there or deleting them.  This is a good thing.  I have found. also, that you don’t get the File Manager unless you are logged in to their site.  If you are a casual user (haven’t created an account), I haven’t a clue how you get your converted document back.  Maybe you don’t.

In any case, I stand corrected.  I was able to convert some pesky XPS documents into something I could actually modify in a DOC format and save it.


Beware of “Cometdocs”

I received several documents as XPS (Microsoft XPS Document format) files and looked around for something that would make these a little more readable (and editable).  Google found an online site that claimed to translate them from XPS to DOC format.  The site is called Cometdocs.

When you first go there, you will find a simple interface where you click the Browse button and search for the document(s) that you want translated.  Once found, you highlight the document(s) and click the Open button on your dialog box.  You are then directed to select one of the multiple ‘this’ to ‘that’ format buttons (I chose XPS to DOC).  Next, there is a field where you put your email address.  Once that is entered, you click the Send button.

Absolutely NOTHING will happen.  If you monitor the email address you just gave, there will appear an email from Cometdocs that requires you to click a link to “verify your email address”.  The link appears genuine and will take you back to a “thank you for verifying” page on Cometdocs.

Then you wait.  And wait.  And wait.  You will not get anything returned to you from Cometdocs.  I put the request for translation in at around 2130 last night and I am STILL WAITING now at 1030 this morning.  It does not take over 12 hours to translate a document.

The Cometdocs web site claims to be hosted by WordPress, although I find no sign of it anywhere here.  I am now convinced that Cometdocs is a scam to gather emails addresses and all the “I really like Cometdocs” posts (do a WordPress search on ‘Cometdocs’) all say virtually the same thing which means that they were probably put out there by the same person or group of people.

Beware of Cometdocs.